Section I

I. 1 Baseline Derived Variables


This section contains baseline derived variables, including hypertension and diabetes status, presence of baseline frailty dyslipidaemia and chronic kidney disease, the baseline mental and physical components of the Short Form-12 questionnaire, smoking pack history for current and past smokers and polypharmacy status. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has also been used to derive the following variables: participant suburb residential population, participant Index of Relative Socio-economic Advantage and Disadvantage (IRSAD) score, rank, decile and percentile and participant state and rurality (Australian participants only). The following GP practice variables have also been derived: IRSAD score, decile and percentile, state and rurality (Australian participants only).

Timing of Data Collection

Data used to derive these variables was collected at Visit 1 or Visit 2, which both occurred prior to randomisation during the screening process.

Summary of Data Dictionary

This section contains numerical data as well as ordinal and nominal data. Each relevant variable is linked with a commentary code that aims to provide additional data with regard to missing data, out of range data, alterations to data collection methods and other special considerations.