Section D

D.1 Longitudinal Physical Function


This section contains data collected from the two physical function tests that participants performed which included a 3m gait speed test and hand grip strength test. The gait speed test was a measure of usual walking pace from a standing start.

Timing of Data Collection

Physical function was measured at Visit 2, which occurred prior to randomisation during the screening process, at even year annual visits during the ASPREE Clinical Trial and Bridge period, the Milestone Visit and annually during ASPREE-XT.

Summary of Data Dictionary

This section primarily contains numerical data. Nominal data have been presented for handedness (at baseline only) and use of walking aids during the gait speed test. Other data presented include three scores for grip strength for each hand, two scores for gait speed and type of walking aid used at baseline and each annual visit. A commentary code of 3 has been applied to indicate when a field is not applicable to the participant. For example, where data was not collected because the test was not scheduled to be performed. Variables collected annually have been named sequentially to represent the timing of and sequential manner of data collection.